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January 08, 2008


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You asked for feedback so here goes -- does not need to be published!
It may be quicker/easier for you to speak than type but my system reckons that loading from AuthorStream takes LOTS longer than reading so I'll be skipping your weekly news from now on.
PS It's great to see that you're back to posting regularly -- presumably as well as supporting Jill in her fight so don't let yourself get over-tired.

Phil Bradley

Hi Hazel, Thanks for the comments - how long does your pc reckon it's going to take to download, and what sort of connection do you have?


I watched this on a PC that makess a small kind grumbling when I receive email, but it loaded in under a minute.


Listening audio provides better understanding of things . Good Work.

Sheila Thomas

I am in a shared office and cannot use anything that would disturb my industrious colleagues so a 'voice' commentary is inappropriate.

Jo Alcock

I finally got round to watching this and I really like it. It loaded fine on my PC and I particularly liked the ability to skip to certain sections or go back a section if there is something of particular interest. I don't have sound on my machine at work but I'll certainly watch again from my home PC if you do decide to continue.

Carl Clayton

I found it very interesting and convenient to use. You could use headphones if you share an office or I can see groups of staff booking a meeting room every week to listen to it. Please keep it going.


I liked it too, but like some of the other commenters can't watch things with sound at work. Content was very well put together!

Marydee Ojala

It would help to know how long the commentary goes before starting to watch and listen.

I had no problems with loading.

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