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April 04, 2012


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Deb Skolnik, M.L.S.

I have noticed how hard getting to Google Scholar has been made. I think Google needs to come up with a customizable tool bar that lets users put the apps they use most in one place, rather than have to hunt through several screens to find what they are looking for.

I hope you are not right about the possible demise of Google Scholar. I find it a useful supplement to my database searches, and I know quite a few medical professionals who use it.

Dave Lull

I find Scholarfy useful:


Jerilyn Marshall

Deb, Google has had a customizable toolbar for a long time. And last time I looked, Google Scholar and other apps can be placed in the bar.

I used to use the toolbar for the popup blocking and also for having the Google search box embedded right in the browser.

Now find that other popup blockers work just as well, and most browsers have search enabled from the address line. So I got rid of the toolbar, which just uses up space. I haven't used it for years now. (By the way, I see it is also relegated to the Even more section.)

Dave, Scholarfy looks good!

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