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November 13, 2012


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How about what kind of technology you have in your home - do you buy DVD or Blu-ray, X-box games or Playstation etc.

And what size clothes you wear - which I guess could lead to guesses about height and weight. And if you buy hair-dye then their idea of what you look like gets stronger - more so if include regular makeup purchases such as lipstick.

Phil Bradley

Yes, good point. Hadn't thought about the technology. I thought about clothes and size when I was talking about what I looked like - they could probably work out that I don't have much hair, since I never buy combs and only need a teeny amount of shampoo. But yes, if you buy certain shades of lipstick and makeup they could probably take a good guess at what shade your skin is. Then if you add in the colour of any clothes you buy...

Liz Broomfield

How old your pets are and whether they live indoors or out. Whether you support the RSPB (they sell their bird food and other cheaper bird food). Who does the cooking in your household. How physically active you are. If someone has been unwell recently (lucozade and white fish!).

Frank Daniels

All this so-called knowledge is just induction, not deduction. One does not always buy for oneself anyway: think carers. To avoid having to worry about this sort of thing do not use loyalty cards, or debit/credit cards in supermarkets. Just use cash. Then start thinking abut what is going on in Newcastle Libraries and elsewhere....


This is why I've always refused to have a loyalty card of any kind. Also because, if I give that information away (e.g. by taking part in surveys), I'm only doing it so I can get something back for me (vouchers or cash payments).
Mercenary, moi? Why, yes! :D

Debby Raven

If you have any allergies; Your tv watching habits (eg who your favourite tv chefs are!)

Megan Roberts

I remember a rumour of someone trying to make a claim from a supermarket after a fall in one of their shops and the supermarket trying to get out of a payout by claiming that the person was an alcoholic, based on their reward card activity. Whether it is true or not is another matter, though!

Phil Bradley

Frank - your reputation does of course precede you, but thanks for taking the time to drop by and prove its accuracy.

Dumpling - quite so, and don't blame you at all. As you point out, which not everyone gets - you don't have to have loyalty cards & this post was really designed to point out our differing attitudes towards privacy.

Debby - good points!

Megan - that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

Seth Sevenyoln

If any of your pets have special conditions, if you prefer are an environmentalist, how often you have company, if you spoil your pets/kids or not.

モンクレール レディース ダウン

Thats some great basics there, already knew some of that, but you can always learn more. I doubt a "youngin" could put together such information as mario suggested. Maybe he's just trying to be "controversial? lol

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