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September 26, 2006


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 David Harrison

Many make the mistake of making a quick decision when choosing a tattoo. A tattoo, whether it is large or small, or complex or simple, is something that you need to a put a lot of time and thought into. Far from being something that should be acquired on the spur of the moment on a dare or a whim, a tattoo is something that will travel with you through your life, and you will find that the more thought and effort that you put into it, the happier you will be in the end. A tattoo starts as an idea and then becomes an image that you and your tattoo artist work with to make it suitable for your skin. By the time your tattooist puts needle to skin, you will have already spent a lot of time living with the tattoo! That's why I have put a lot of research in discovering what I believe to be the best two tattoo resources on the net. For more information "click" on my link. You may just save yourself a lot of long term grief.

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