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May 24, 2007


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"though you have to d/l software to make it work, which is just such a Web 1.0 idea."

How else would you expect an feature like this to be available to you everywhere?

john Morton

The advantage of enhancing the browser with an add-on is that it works everywhere—you can browse academic journal abstracts with it, look ahead on those cryptic Amazon and IMDB URLs, use it on places like Livejournal, where the bloggers don't get to drop in the javascript magic that makes Snap work, and so on. And you get to turn it off if it becomes annoying on some site.

If being server side is what it takes to be fashionably web 2.0, then we're content to be merely useful :-)

Phil Bradley

Look guys.. it's not actually that hard to work out. If you have to *download* software to make it work, then it obviously ISN'T available everywhere is it? Only in those places and on those machines that you have the opportunity of downloading to, which in many cases can be quite limited.

I don't deny that it's not useful... in fact, looking at what I've posted it does actually say that it enhances your browsing. It's just not available everywhere.

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