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January 01, 2009


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Hi Phil

Thanks for your 'positive' review ;)

"You can't follow a link on the home page to see what quizzes are available which doesn't help much"

Eh? There's clearly a primary link called quizzes which goes to a list of...quizzes? You can then order by latest/top rated/A-Z etc.

"I couldn't seem to get the answers at all. you have to be 100% right with your answer with no variation from what the creator of the quiz wrote. So there's no option to provide slightly different answers which is really poor"

Why is it really poor? We were going to have options for quizmasters to create lots of multiple choices, but would they bother and should they really have to? Not sure what your problem is, we've literally had over 100,000 visitors since the alpha launch (helped by the techcrunch mention no doubt!) and feedback has been largely positive

"I wanted to create my own quiz, clicked on the 'create a quiz' only to be told that I wasn't authorised to view the page!"

Ok fair enough, quiz creation hasn't been unleashed to the public yet, we wanted to tweak it further so that option shouldn't be available, thanks for pointing this one out.

Phil Bradley

Thanks for your comments Chris. Sorry you didn't like my review, but I call it as I see it.

On the front page there is a link to 'browse our quiz collection' which leads to a page 'Page not found'. (http://quizible.com/quizzes)

I think the response is poor when you have to be absolutely 100% correct with the answer - in that you have to think what the quiz author is choosing as an answer. So, to use a Star Trek quiz as an example if one answer is Sulu (just surname) and another answer is Jean Luc Picard (full name) it's poor. Now, the main blame for that lies with the author, but I think you could do more to ensure a fuzzy logic, or allow the author to say answer a or answer b.

And I have to say with regards your last point - you're launching a product that people can't actually use to create a quiz?? And you're not actually telling people this upfront. If the feedback has been largely positive I'm astonished that no-one has picked up on this before.

I'm more than happy to look at the resource again when you've sorted your issues, and I know exactly the quiz I want to create as well. Looking forward to trying it again.


I don't mind the review, feedback is always good :)

We try to make the answers a little easy by stripping dashes, apostrophes, caps and spaces which helps to an extent (Jean Luc-Picard a good example)

Inconsistencies within quizzes has cropped up a few times so will probably add options for synonyms.

Maybe I should have re-worded the last paragraph, the site has launched so anyone can take a quiz but only a few beta testers are allowed to create quizzes.

If you fancy submitting a quiz please signup and we'll give you permissions, we can't guarantee it won't bork though (hence the obligatory 'alpha' status) :)


I checked out the site and it said 'alpha' in the top left .... which comes before 'beta' ... which is usually a good excuse for unfinished functionality, no?

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