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April 28, 2010


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John Kirriemuir

Heidi Blanton has an article / guide explaining the latest iteration of Facebook privacy settings:


...which also shows how ludicrously complex they are. I'm tired of going there every few months and re-figuring them out; it's become work. Very dull work.

Phil Bradley

Right, I've spent some time trying to get my head around this now, and talked to the very nice chap who has put this app together. Basically it's pulling data from your Facebook account, dumping it into frames and displaying it. It's taking a list of my friends from my Facebook account, AND (this is the important point) I have to be still logged into Facebook. Even if I've closed down the app, AND closed the browser, if I let myself stay logged into Facebook I'm still logged into Facebook, though nothing tells me that I am.

Basic error on my part I think, my defence being that if it confused me, it's going to confuse a hell of a lot of other people.

Thanks to everyone here and on Twitter who helped me work this one out!

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