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June 29, 2010


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Alison Gow

I use Jing constantly, Phil, and find it really useful both for stills and video grabs.
I also like the way it sits at the top of my screenlike a little golden sun...

Lex Rigby

This is disappointing news! I knew you'd be on the case for alternatives. Thanks for this.


Given the large number of education sector users, I too am disappointed that no explanations or alternatives were offered.

Jim Holton

I've been able to capture some of my ScreenToaster videos using the Firefox add-on Video DownloadHelper - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3006/

Bryony Taylor

Many thanks for this Phil, I just went to Screentoaster today to find it has died. I am going to try Screencast o matic today. One of the benefits is that you can upload from there straight to YouTube which is good.


I came across this post in their forum which may help you and others wanting to back their videocasts up

"To download your video's the easy way could be simply update your Realplayer
and select the option to download movies & flash files off websites.
It's free. And there are a ton of other downloaders out there (go to cnet.com to see)."

T Amankwatia

Found out from a colleague that usertesting.com out of CA quietly acquired screentoaster.com

Clint Cora, Pharmaceutical Sales Author

I just used ScreenToaster for the first time to update a pharmaceutical sales webinar and it worked great. Like other people, I used Camtasia before but after switching to a Mac, I had to find something else. I tried Jing and it worked fine except that it had a limit of five minutes video time (at least for the free version). I stumbled on ScreenToaster and since it is compatible with Mac, I gave it a try. I recommend all Mac users try it if they did screen capture.


ScreenToaster is still up and running guys.

Just used it - still freely available.


I use showmewhatswrong and love it. Simple to use, the videos once published on the site are available for download. I download then upload to youtube for distribution. Works well for us.


I'm confused - I'm sure I used Screentoaster a couple of weeks ago, but now it is gone again. I really liked it. They had a really good beta high -quality version available too.

I used to use Jing. Found it really easy. But I can't seem to download the videos anymore, not with the free package.

Phil Bradley

Helen - yes, I think screentoaster has now had its day. Even if it does come back up again, I can't be using or recommending a flakey product like that. As far as I'm concerned it's dead, which is a shame, because I liked it, but there you go.


Hello all - I have just found a URL where screencast is testing a beta version:


This is the first time i'm using it and it is awesome. Tried Jing and even an installed version but this is definitely better.

Pat Miller

Screentoaster is still running. I'm surprised. So what's the deal? Has it shut down or is it still running?


I have switched to screencast-o-matic. Good support. http://bit.ly/2GKZnv

Natalya Murphy

Thanks for the list of alternatives -- very helpful. I tried CaptureFox and it crashed my FireFox browser, and ScreenCaster got hung up after I stopped recording. But I'm really impressed with BB Flashback.

Carl Thompson

Hi Phil, heres another great alternative ive just found http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/

This is free up to 15 minutes with watermark or $9 for the full version up to 1 hour recording.


http://screencast.com/ the best online alternative!

Axel Toivonen

There is a new kid on the block, works a little different however and is more of a communication tool but can also be used from sharing screencasts. You can try it at http://screenmail.to

cheap domain name registration

I have switched to screencast-o-matic. Good support. http://bit.ly/2GKZnv


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