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December 21, 2011


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The reason I decided to build LStack was my frustration with one specific limitation of other bookmarking apps (like Delicious).

I'm doing a lot of research for my projects and I needed to store some attributes about bookmarked articles, companies, webapps, courses and certifications info, etc. - some examples: "price = 100 USD", "integrated with = facebook", "integrated with = twitter", "filetype = pdf", "filetype = doc", "funding = 1M USD", "prep = gmat", "prep = lstat", "payments = paypal", "payments = credit card", "type = news", "type = company", "type = product", "contact email = support@company.com","supported language = english", "stage = private beta", etc.

LStack allows user to save not only bookmark but also additional "structured" data connected with it. Of course the app is in very early stage of development, but I use it for few weeks and completely stopped using alternatives. I will be happy to hear about your experience with LStack if you decide sometime to try it.

Best regards.

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