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July 04, 2012


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The problem with Netvibes is it only allows 4 widgets on a page and wastes tons of screen real-estate. It's a shame because apart from that it's a great alternative, but just doesn't show enough information in one go. Also, I found it very slow to refresh widgets on page reloads.

As for the others, not one of them comes even remotely close to competing with iGoogle for features and customisation. So yet again users are left screwed!

Phil Bradley

James - sorry but Netvibes allows loads of widgets on a page. My home tab has over 25 widgets at the moment. Are you sure you're not getting confused with the number of columns?


Thanks for the comment on uStart.org!

But there actually is a way to share content (little arrow next to every article)



Hi Phil,

Yes you're right, I was assuming (incorrectly) that each of the 4 "column" areas could only contain 1 widget. I've now managed to set up NetVibes to practically mirror my iGoogle page. The only thing missing is a Google Reader widget!


Thank you for compiling this list of alternatives to iGoogle. Most other sources say NetVibes and stop at that. I have faint hope Google will reconsider, but am heartened to know the landscape of free personal start pages is not barren.


The only problem I can see is that there is no way to integrate a Google Reader widget. I know you can import your feeds, but I don't want that. I don't like the way NetVibes works for RSS.

Chris L

Thanks, Phil, for this comprehensive list of alternatives. I looked at uStart but decided it looked too Yahoo-like, so went with NetVibes and replicated my existing iGoogle screens reasonably well. Only shortfall I've seen so far is that the gmail Widget seems to display only the unread emails - at least I could not find any way to configure it to do otherwise. And of course I can always get to full gmail from the Widget.


What Lufferov said. You need a widget for each feed, which doesn't work very well if you have dozens of them. I'm really astounded that it's this hard to find something to replace the simple things iGoogle does. That Reader widget... Irreplaceable, apparently.


has anyone tried Yourport.com.

Danny Davies

Thanks for adding ALL MY FAVES... I'm the editor of AllMyFaves, and actually we're 100% CUSTOMIZABLE!

You found our original homepage, but if you try out http://allmyfaves.com/join, you'll find that you can add your own bookmarks, sync them across all devices, and customize them any way you like.

This is the post we just wrote explaining more about how AllMyFaves is a great iGoogle alternative: http://www.allmyfaves.com/blog/allmyfaves/igoogle-shutdown-allmyfaves-is-the-perfect-alternative-homepage/


Hi Phil,

Would love to be added to the list of alternatives though we are just beginning our journey.

Before it shuts down, please give Skim.Me (http://skim.me) a try. I'm a founder and you can email me at wu at skim dot me with what you don't like about it. We make your daily online routine more productive and have been working on this for the past year.

Your routine sources are automatically setup, personalized and managed for you. Browse content from your sources in timed batches throughout the day and see how much you've accomplished, never how many unread you have. Releasing summer 2012!


Hi Phil, I am the owner of http://yourport.com Thank you for mentioning the site on your comprehensive break down of each alternative. There are so many great alternatives to Google out there and it is great that you are giving them all the publicity they deserve. Great work and many thanks. I hope your article is shared.

you can find us on

website - http://yourport.com/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/YourPort
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yourport/131205203625130

igoogle alternative

For all people who would like to see more about how to start with Symbaloo after having used iGoogle, we setup this special page: http://blog.symbaloo.com/igoogle-alternative/

Thanks for mentioning Symbaloo by the way!


I used myway.com before Igoogle, and am looking to see if I want to go back to this, I remember it was very clean and customizable.
A description of their service is at:

John DiGilio

Wonderful list, Phil! Thanks for sharing!!!

Damien Quick

I like uStart, it does most of the things you could do with iGoogle and it is pretty easy to use. Check it out.

Daniel George

Hosting alternative for XML iGoogle gadgets: http://host.gadget-blog.ro/


Thank you Phil, great alternative Netvibes for iGoogle

Mike Conradi

i also want to reproduce the Google Reader widget - i love the way this works on iGoogle and can't find an alternative - ie one small window through which i can easily access dozens of RSS feeds.

Please, anybody, let me know if you find an alternative! Thanks!


Also have a look at Yourls (http://www.yourls.com). It allows you to build a very simple startpage around your favorite links.

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