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March 20, 2013


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LibreOffice does not have the latest features that MS Office does - generally taking a year or two to play catch up. Also it is not 100% MS Office compatible - certainly for a basic document, but the moment layout becomes as complex as, e.g., an application form with input fields, you will find yourself booting a copy of MS Office up.

Otherwise though it is a perfectly good application suite, modern enough to work in the cloud, and with a few unique features and all the usual friendly support forums and open documentation of open source software thrown in. Compatible with MS Office for all but the more complex of document layouts.

Ruud Steltenpool

Before you make up your mind about Libre Office know that:
- communicating documents between slightly different versions of MS Office is not without flaws.
- Libre Office is not just trailing, it's leading in some features
- Where incompatibilities are a problem, it's usually because an Office suite should not have been used in the first place.

I stopped using MS Office in the previous century.

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