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March 12, 2014


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Sorin Pantis

Hi Phil,

First of all, thanks for the review! :)
I will be answering your questions/concerns:

1. There are a lot of task management apps out there and other solutions, but we wanted to do something that's insanely easy to use, free for everyone and that requires no registration or other road-blocks.
Siri certainly does a good job, but you can't use Siri in a meeting for instance nor can you schedule collaborative reminders.
As email is still #1 communication channel that people use, it just makes sense that the reminders are sent via email. We are looking into building other channels for the notifications into RemeIO like SMS or push notifications.
The major advantage of scheduling a reminder with RemeIO is that you won't fill a task management app with tasks that are not relevant for now. You will only deal with the task at the moment it needs your attention.

2. Regarding the spam concern, we have thought about this turning the problem around on all the sides. We have implemented a series of security algorithms that will not allow robots to use RemeIO, and also we will develop a few features in the near future that will allow users to block the people who like to irritate others.
Sending a confirmation email first is just one extra email with no value to it. If it's to get 1 email, it's better to get the reminder, and if the user decides that it's spam, he/she can act on it starting from here.

Thanks again for the review, and all the feedback is welcome!


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