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May 23, 2006


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Alison Taylor

Interesting concept this. However, we have to question what is meant by 'trustiworthiness'. I just did a search for 'cancer cures' and as ever Dr Lorraine Day came out near the top, with a big green tick for 'trustworthy'. This is a site in which the author claims she "got well by using God's natural remedies". While I'm all in favour of alternative therapies, this site, and many millions of others like it aren't exactly the type of reliable evidence that we health librarians are encouraging our users to look at.

Richard Johnson

It's ironic that for Scandoo's security warnings to be visible the user must enable Active-x, which itself compromises the computer's security.

Mladen Adamovic

You might visit http://www.online-utility.org and if you like it you might write the blog entry about it :)

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