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December 04, 2006


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R Skinner

You don't need to post this

But in Wales CILIP is pronounced with a hard 'C' because that's the correct Welsh pronunciation

so it's Silip in England

& Kilip in Wales

& that seems to be pretty standard throughout Welsh libraries


Oh Phil! As you already realise, this type of 'mispronounciation' could be down to many things.... including ignorance OR arrogance.... too many things to mention in a blog reply anyway.
However..... i work in a medical library and it never ceases to surprise me when the 'great', the 'good' and the 'should know better' ask for the 'Anals of Internal Medicine' instead of the Annals of Internal Medicine....
At least now after 5 yrs of it, i've stopped laughing out loud, and simply make sure i include 'annals' in my reply or at some point later....

Just keep saying CILIP (silip) and hope you don't get punched in the nose for insolence ;)


I'm a non-Welsh speaker so not by any means an expert but I don't believe there is a soft "C" in Welsh so that's why we tend to call it "Killip" here, as in "Killip Cymru". Perhaps someone more qualified can confirm or deny this???

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