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February 02, 2007


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Karen Blakeman

Well said Phil! I was similarly annoyed when Google announced that it had launched Patent Search. But it only covers US patents and the free database at that, which does not cover everything. I've already had a couple of conversations with 2 R&D people who think that they can do away with their patents searchers and priced, truly worldwide database. Sigh....

Ryan Deschamps

Dag nabbit! Just because I'm Canadian doesn't mean I'm American.

Well, actually it does . . . but in the Google context "American" does not include "Canadian" or "Mexican" either and that's a fairly populous groups you have excluded in your attempt at inclusion.

Phil Bradley

Ryan - what can I say? I'm sorry if you're offended that I left out Canada etc. In actual fact, Canada was left out because Google does actually reference at least one Canadian librarian in their resources.

So it would be a bit stupid of me to complain to Google that they're ignoring Canadian librarians when they're not, wouldn't it!


You guys do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!!!e

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