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April 30, 2007


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The "blurb" makes it sound wonderful - the reality, in my opinion, is rather less than glossy. I'd be interested in your opinion on this one. Is it worth watching to see if it gets better?

Peter Walsh

I discovered this knuru service about a month ago and have been using it frequently since. I would not describe it as a search engine in the traditional sense and it certainly makes no claims to have all information from all sources. It is a very specific service combining a certain amount of business school reseach and a very comprehensive database of news sources. No more than that. You will not find general web pages or other web sites. I'm using the service to help compile business presentations where I need fast and trustable information and data. It's still early days yet for this company and I am watching it with interest to see how it develops.

Mary Holtzer

I like the instant summaries knuru creates in response to the search query. I'm researching on Asian economic development for a number of projects and this service cuts down on my workload substantially. I find sometimes that the extract (which seems to be dynamically created?) is good to the extent that I don't always have to read the full original article or paper. The news service is great - but I have to agree with Hazel in that this is not a source for everything. It seems very business and economics focused.

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