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May 01, 2007


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Thanks for making this public - so useful. We all need reminding that there really is a world outside the walls of Googleland.


As much as I agree that it seems Google may be "taking over the world" (yes, that was an attempt at humour), I am not sure that the average web searcher benefits significantly from other search engines. I have no vested interest in saying this, but I saw references to advanced (Boolean) search methods that few people, even in the industry, use.

I am curious to know who the intended audience of the course is.

Phil Bradley

Thanks Hazel.

Anthony - the course is designed for anyone who realises that in order to be a better searcher it's necessary to use more than one resource. A lot of information professionals these days are coming to the conclusion that there's more to searching than Google. I'm not sure which industry you mean, but within the information industry is it very widely used.

Given that the course was full to the limit I think it's got an audience. :)

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