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June 13, 2007


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Jason Calacanis

The US-centric thing is just an operational issue. We have to work out how to pay folks, do legal contracts, wire money, etc. in a bunch of different countries and that takes a lot of time.

Not sure if you're done international payments and content creation, but it is very complicated and there is a lot of expense I'm afraid.

We will have the UK soon, and branch out from there. If anyone has any ideas for a central way to pay folks easily I'm all ears! Also, we have the issue that the fees to pay someone are going to be larger than the payments in some cases (we had the same problem at Weblogs, Inc).

best jason


Intute is very nice btw... just checking it out. Mahalo for pointing it out.

best jason

Phil Bradley

Yes, I thought it might be something like that. However, I can get a monthly cheque straight from Google for Adsense, and/or Paypal for purchases. So, it's a confusing area, and obviously the simple answer isn't, so I'm happy to be guided there.

However, I'm going to disagree with the US-centric thing being just operational. Check out football... you've got answers for US teams, but I didn't see any for the large UK teams. You've got a result for 'football', meaning the American version, but nothing for Soccer. There is no WAY this is not a US biased search engine. That's great for when I want US based material, but I'm still going with an intrinsic bias.

I'd also be really interested in your opinions on something like Intute, because it seems to me to be doing exactly the same thing you're trying to do, but in a more academic way, with less bias and less pop culture information in many cases.

In short - I'm still a very long way from being convinced by Mahalo, but welcome to be proved wrong.

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