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June 29, 2007


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Rebekka Kinimond

We're doing 23 Things at the moment and the Beta issue has been a really difficult thing for people to wrap their heads around. Maybe because it is quite different from what we've been used to as far as being a place for authoritative knowledge and information.

Things such as wikis scare people. Genuinely. It came as a bit of a shock to me but that's the reality.

Lists such as yours might be the first step in doing something about that fear. And talking. Talking, shatring, explaining. Validating that the feelings are real - and then show why they don't have to feel that way.

Sam Wallin

Great Q&A - I get lots of these questions as well, and your responses give me some better comebacks than some of the ones I've been using.

Connie Crosby

Hi Phil:

I teach a Web 2.0 course and get a lot of these questions as well. Thanks for the terrific responses, for saying it so well!


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