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September 10, 2007


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Erik Nicolaisen Høy

*comforts Phil*
Don't worry, Phil. Seems to be a list of the weblogs mainly in the USA. We're many that enjoy your blog. And who cares about being on such a list?
Hey, and what about us non-english webloggers? We've been doing two Danish librarian weblog since 2002:
Bib-log (http://www.bib-log.blogspot.com/). And Internetsøgning (erikhoy.blogspot.com). Those two are in fact two of the first library weblogs that still going strong.
We were even mentioned for that in some international analysis a while ago.
Just can't remember the reference, and that's the point of this comment: Noone will probably remember that list in a few months.


Hi Phil! Ryan #22 here (and how dare you criticize the methodology. It's pristine. :) )

I've added you to my aggregator, so it's not just the list, but the discussion that's making people notice more librar* (as Steve Cohen says) blogs.

Phil Bradley

Thanks Erik - I'm not actually going to lose any sleep over this, and I don't think it's a particularly important issue. As Ryan goes on to say, it does have a use in that it's bringing some blogs to wider attention, which is a good thing, and I've added a couple to my reader as a result.

Bill Drew

It is a very lame list. The process for selecting blogs to look was flawed from the very beginning. Besides, they missed your blog and mine! It has to be a flawed process if that happened. (GRIN)

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