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January 25, 2008


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AJ Cann



Fun! But apparently you have to be a genius to understand Norwegian; luckily, my blog's in English.

Emily Lloyd

LOL--my personal blog came up "High School," but Shelf Check (a comic strip blog with almost no outside-of-image text) came up "Genius."

walt crawford

My best guess (based on my own junior-high-school rating and doing a few other tests) is that the site's taking a first-level grab of text (whatever posts would show up on the blog's home page in this case) and applying one of the usual purely-quantitative "readability" tests. The site's value? As you say, it's Friday.

Erik Nicolaisen Høy

I wouldnt worry too much about it. I checked two Danish weblogs, and expected an answer like: Sorry this application only understand English.
The two blogs are more or less same level, but *Surprise*: erikhoy.blogspot.com wturned out to be for College (postgrad) whilst bib-log.blogspot.com turned out to be for High School.
Bon Appetite!

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