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February 17, 2008


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Try using http://www.PolyCola.com search engine with much more functionalities, engines and reliablity.


I also noticed that the same result generally appears in a different position in each column. DogPile at least brings you one instance of each result, listing all of its source search engines at the end.

Karen Blakeman

Just had a look at this and they seem to abandoned the email a friend requirement.

Andrew Sorokin


Thanks for your blog about my search engine. I have done lots of work recently to improve quality of TripleMe.

1) To display in 3 column results it is not so simple. Some details could be interesting for you.

1) The engine extract all information and changin all links. It is not so simple because HTML styles of code of top search engines is changin every week.
2) Then the engine build the page based on extracted informations from scratches.

Believe me that scrolling in windows it is very simple! my way is very hard and unique.

I have stat data about users behavior which could be interested somebody.

Just simple example for last month:
Number results clicked from Google:3147
Number results clicked from Yahoo:2411
Number results clicked from MSN:2118

It will be great to talk via phone with you,

All the best,
+61 2 9663 1048
Sydney, Australia

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