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March 08, 2008


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Not just you, I noticed it as well. I got the same posts appearing in different feeds, all from a blog I have never even heard of let alone read.

Geoff Greer

I'm a software engineer at Bloglines and yes, this was Typepad's fault. Their feeds had the same problem in Google Reader.

Phil Bradley

This is Typepad's fault - apologies to Bloglines. From the Typepad site:
"On March 6, 2008 we experienced a brief problem with our feed service on TypePad. Some TypePad users were affected, where another blog's entries appeared to be coming from their feed. We've corrected the problem and feeds are now rendering correctly, but your readers may still see these incorrect entries in RSS reading applications (like Google Reader). We're very sorry for the confusion this issue may have caused you and your readers -- and we're working hard to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Arne van Elk

I'm glad that Bloglines isn't 'playing up', it's an essential tool to me. But I do get a message like "there seems to be a communication problem" quite often. I use the Beta version, which is great, but I would very much like to see full functionality implemented.

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