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March 10, 2008


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Luis Pereira

Seeding the engine with thousands of results to begin with is sort of anti-social, and goes against our premise of building a search engine by the people, for the people.

Phil Bradley

OK, I can see that. However, a counter argument is that it's also anti social to create a search engine without (m)any results! Yes, I understand the concept behind the system, and I can see that I can add content myself, but answer me this - why should I? I have a bunch of other resources I can use, there are various other social powered engines available, I can create my own search engines, I can customise existing engines, re-rank results and so on. Why should I take the time to add links that I already know about, unless it's to promote my own site, which could be argued to be spam.

I really don't understand the point here - I'm not trying to be nasty or critical for the sake of it, I simply don't get it.

Luis Pereira

The social media trend is based on user generated content. Poople choose to participate for various reasons. Wikipedia started with nothing as did Google at one time. Only time will tell how stumpedia turns out, stay tuned.

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