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July 30, 2008


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I too searched for myself (as you do) and got a random photo that isn't mine next to link to my blog. Going through a few pages of results I got my blog, and my claimID page three times in 5 pages, and some my name as Ning user's friend amongst the odd finds. Interestingly, aside from a US Librarian that shares my name there is also a professional snowboarder, whihc will explain why top of the expolore by category section is Native American Writers? Er, what?

I too, really hope that they can do something with Cuil, but I think the fact they went live with it, when it is this poor, was a bad move - not helped by proclaiming "Welcome to Cuil—the world’s biggest search engine. The Internet has grown. We think it’s time search did too." With Cuil itis more groan, than grown, sadly


There also seems to be some doubt over the name which according to Cuil itself (but no-one else) is Irish for knowledge: http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=420

Sarah Washford

I had a play with Cuil and have to agree with the negatives. I also searched for me and either came up with very old comments left on other peoples' blogs or adverts for twitter. Usually a search will at least bring back something recent or relevant in the first page or so! It also didn't seem to make any difference when I tried to create a phrase with speech marks or any of the other helpful extras I use with google, ask etc. Gave up and went back to the usual suspects pretty swiftly...

David Larch

I'm for the privacy. I don't need a site to remember my search preferences at the cost of a cradle to grave file for the government peruse when they are looking for the next bunch to put in the boxcars!

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