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August 05, 2008


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stephen kelly

There are other online office options that you could use while google is away for a week. Such as Peepel :)

Thanks steve

Sarah Hammond

I think my answer to this a year or two years ago would have very different to my answer now (being almost the right side of my librarianship masters is a big help!) but there are so many good alternatives now, from search engines to applications. That said, I have come to really appreciate all the extras that Google does now, including the Calendar and Picasa. I think branching but out really works for Google. I don't think I've reached a firm conclusion there! I would miss it but I'd cope. (I also suspect there are ways it's used that aren't immediately obvious such as providing the search capabilities of individual websites).

Sarah Hammond

Further to my comments of earlier, it looks like some people have to go without Google, whether they like it or not

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