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September 30, 2008


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AJ Cann

Sad but true. And yet, for reasons I can't fully comprehend, I don't like Google Reader, although it works well, so I'm now looking for a web-based RSS reader to replace Bloglines (no desktop clients please).

Heather Bailie

I use Google reader as a gadget on my iGoogle page. I think it is fantastic, especially as having it on the iGoogle page makes it very quick and easy to read new material.

Jo Alcock

I was a keen user of Bloglines and blogged in the past about how great it was. I've encouraged a number of people to use it over the past years or so too.

However a few weeks ago I took the plunge and went back to Google Reader. I just wasn't happy with the changes with Bloglines plus Google Reader has Trends which are very interesting - I'm trying to make sure I'm only subscribing to things I actually read. The iPhone version of Google Reader is also much better than the Bloglines version and the ability to share and star things is great - in Bloglines I always found saving a bit flaky. It is a shame, but I'm finding Google Reader far better than Bloglines at the moment. One of the great things with OPML is it's so easy to change.

James Castle

I had a problem this week with Bloglines not pulling in my Google Alert feeds, so I switched to NewsGator's free online service and they seem to be working fine through that.

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