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October 03, 2008


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Daniel Clarke

Hi Phil thanks for your write up on MSE360.com. I think the one defining company element is we listen to feedback so after reading your post we got our code monkeys editing our alphas beta! We’ve now added some advanced search options and we’ve got plans to add much more when it comes to advanced search.

You can check out our advanced search at http://mse360.com/beta/advanced.php (It’s also the hub of various other in beta features that may or may not make it to the final version, including site icons for example).

You slightly touched upon our company values, and indeed I can promise I personally would prefer to see MSE360 die than to let up on our values of user Privacy and open standards.

I hope that you check back every now and then over the next few months while we roll out even more features.

Once again, Thanks for your comments!
Daniel Clarke, MSE360 Lead Programmer

Daniel Clarke

Oh and as an addation to my comment above, MSE stands for Multi Search Engine! So you was close. Multi as in multi formats :)

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