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November 22, 2008


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"I don't really see much point in pushing something up to the top of the results, particularly since I'm the only person who will see the changes."

Why are you so sure, that you are the only one affected by this? It's obvious, that other won't get the pushed entry as their first one, but I wouldn't say that Google is unable to use this kind of "human" rank.

"if you go down this route and start moving and commenting you cannot go back - you're stuck with this change for good."

It's not hard to pull back. Just do it step by step. First remove all comments that are not your own, next step, remove even those comments. People will notice, but don't care too much.

I think the comments and pushing/pulling are a step to get a bit more "social" (not especially "networky") and to add a human touch to the search results.

Phil Bradley

It's certainly possible that Google will use human voting in the longer run to change the results. In which case it's a system that's going to be rife with link farms turning into voting farms messing up results even more. So I'm not sure it's a sensible choice on their part if they go down that route.

No, you *can't* pull back - if you choose to comment/vote you can't remove that option from your search settings. You can remove your comments etc, but you're still locked into that system. Or you were until they pulled it earlier this evening.

Martin Belam

"I wonder if we're going to see a Lively like retreat a few months down the line."

Or even in just a couple of days!

Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent

I don't like the changes. I like to see where my webpages are in the rankings, rather than where I want them to be.

Opinions galore

Is this the precursor to the new social search idea? Maybe Google will take some of these ideas and filter them in to their search algorithms. Spammers and scammers could take advantage of this, though, and like clock work use multiple logins to push their sites to the top.

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