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November 20, 2008


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Thanks for coming by! You are right about Pageflakes, there is an advertisement on every tab now. Trying to make up my mind what to do now. Might see you over at NetVibes..I think I have an account, but have not used it yet. (Created one when Pageflakes did not work last week)

Karen Blakeman

UKeiG has already started moving its Pageflakes content to Netvibes

Melanie Ellis

Hi Phil
I'm using Pageflakes as a home page on our LRC Pcs - I've looked at Netvibes T&C and they state for personal non-commercial use only. So I'm not sure that we can use for our purpose.
I see UKeiG have moved to Netvibes


huggh hate those advertisings...I'm thinking about moving to Netvibes an ad-free service


I logged on to pageflakes last night and it said it was going through updates. So i gave it a few minutes and when i finally got back to my page it indeed had a big block advertisment. Wow! I thought it was updating to something good, but instead you just lost me Pageflakes, (unless someone makes a fix?)

Debra Kolah

I too was shocked! I'm using it as a graded assignment for a graduate level Physics class--and suddenly I have ads on my assignment page!!

This is a terrible development!


Eddie Byrne

I too have formally moved the Dublin City Public Libraries''portal' from Pageflakes to Netvibes.
SEE http://www.netvibes.com/dublincitypubliclibraries

The likelihood of moving back is receding as I write. I am disappointed of course. This I would term a mild warning; Libraries using web 2.0 web-based apps must be prepared for upheaval on occasion, and ought to have contingency plans in place at any rate. It has been an interesting couple of weeks at any rate!

Jo Alcock

I was annoyed about it too, I use PageFlakes all the time and the bright yellow and red advertisements were extremely frustrating - and looked totally unprofessional. I notice today that there are no advertisements although I am still tempted to make a move now that ToodleDo have a NetVibes gadget.


The sponsored content box disappeared from our pagecast this morning (11/21). Any idea what's up? Is Pageflakes reconsidering?


I've moved my "best of library blogs" page to Netvibes.(www.netvibes.com/knowbodies) The interruption of access for 2 weeks was an annoyance, and I note that no action has been taken on many requests - from me and others - to make the titles of the flakes active links, the way they are at netvibes.


I heard that most of the original staff was laid off by LiveUniverse back in July/August 2008 which explains why Pageflakes has been quiet, there is no one to update the content. Also, LiveUniverse is notorious of slapping advertising in users faces. Too bad. I really loved Pageflakes. :(

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