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January 26, 2009


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The review is great; I think you should write it out before hand as the repetition is superfluous.


Dear Phil Bradley, just a short comment to your screencast. I like it a lot. I would love to watch more screencasts!


LeapFish's primary goal is to make big money quickly with their advertising "model". Evidently they are charging $1,000 per keyword assuring "first" position for the purchased keywords.

It is also worth noting that LeapFish engaged in astroturfing on TechCrunch and were caught, quiet embarrassing:


I believe this sort of "marketing" is already outlawed in some countries. But let's presume they have learned their lesson for a moment.

I asked my wife to try using LeapFish and after 10 minutes she told me she will never use it again in her life... My wife is dyslexic and absolutely adores Google's spelling suggestions. I only imagine how frustrating using LeapFish would be for people like my wife.

Finally, if they are search engine why don't they just begin crawling the web and compile their own index?

Taking into account the fact that founder and CEO of LeapFish has history of suing bloggers who disagreed with him, I am blocking LeapFish domain on my computers so no one will access them even by an accident.

Phil, you are free not to approve. It is just said to see posts written on all sorts of blogs, praising LeapFish as the "best thing since the sliced bread" . Of course it was refreshing to read and listen to an objective review.


excellent review. love the critical approach.

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