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February 27, 2009


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David Byrne

There is a space on LinkedIn for those working with information and knowledge sharing - not officially sponsored by CILIP but of potential interest to CILIP members and other Information and Knowledge Professionals

The CILIP Group on LinkedIN - http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1730267 - is not officially sponsored but is a good place to generate discussion amongst members and non-members of CILIP about what kind of support and representation that we would like from CILIP.


CILIP's Chief Exec has now opened up his Blog to allow reponses to be posted from anybody:
Therefore anyone who's not a member of CILIP can post comments.

Matt Hunt (Knowledge  Manager RCN)

Its a woeful view from CILIP. They havent just missed the boat, they arent even aware that the Titanic sank


Just because Facebook, Twitter et al. are everywhere and are being pushed down our throats constantly does not make them a useful tool or a 'good thing'. All they do is lead to the proliferation of vast quantities of trivia.

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