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February 27, 2009


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Abe Lederman


I want to take exception to the DeepDyve quote -- "For the first time .." in your blog post. I realize that this quote comes from the DeepDyve marketing folks.

As the founder of Deep Web Technologies I have been involved in providing access to the "deep web" before it was called the "deep web" and even before starting Deep Web Technologies in 2002.

The first site that I developed back in 1998, the Environmental Science Network (esn.osti.gov) is still in production and searches 50+ "deep web" sources through our Explorit Federated Search Engine.

Science.gov first went live in 2002 and searches most of the research output of the federal government (38 "deep web" sources).

Other publicly available sites we've developed that provide researchers with access to the best of the "deep web" include: worldwidescience.org, scitopia.org, biznar.com and mednar.com

I would welcome your review of some of these sites that I've listed in this comment.

Hope Leman

I would second Abe Lederman's comments here about the DeepDyve quote -- "For the first time .." I like DeepDyve's technologies a lot and respect its leadership. But I concur in Abe's objections to DeepDyve's inaccurate presentation of the historical record when it comes to searching the Deep Web. I am sure that DeepDyve will alter the wording at some point to tone it down to a less grandiose, overreaching level.

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