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March 31, 2009


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Denver PC Guy

I hope that people do NOT move away from Google. The basis of my business is PPC and SEO from Google. I don't really use any other kind of advertising, just those two, and I've been very successful with it.

For fun every now and again I'll kick around another search engine, the problem is nothing even comes close to the clarity, speed and precision of a google search. And until that is changed I'll stick with Google(written through Chrome).


Amol Dhir

@Mike, stick with Google Search but for God's sake try firefox :D

@Mr. Bradley nice article, though we just cant eliminate Google Search from our lives for even a day now. :)

NYC Hunk

I wish the world would put google on notice. They've really gotten under my skin! Their lack of responsibility to quality search results and their tolerance for spam is driving me nuts. lol anyway I'm glad I had a chance to vent. I'll be starting my own search engine really soon. Working on a name for it as I already have my quality database ready.

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