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April 28, 2009


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Actually, I can't see a thing because my work PC doesn't have the latest Flash player :(


Hi Phil,

Thank you for a great presentation which I absorbed through the medium of Twitterfall, the Update blog, and by watching your slideshow, above. Hopefully you have created a lot of 'critical friends' as I know I am one. I wasn't able to get TwitterFountain working as I think this probably requires the 'deluxe' version of Wordpress and we just have the basic one.

I think this has been a success just in terms of getting people on Twitter and Twitterfall.


Gary Green

Interesting session yesterday. As someone who followed it via Twitter it showed how Twitter can be usefully used (instant communications; I attended the discussion even though I wasn't there in person; allowed instant feedback to discussion) and it's drawbacks too (hard to follow threads sometimes, with side conversations going on and delayed responses to other Twitterers updates.... all tagged as #CILIP2; the volume of twitter updates was difficult to keep up with live; if it was a live conversation it would be like everyone was shouting over each other for over an hour; having more than 1 person Twittering from the event meant that if you were following using the #CILIP2 hashtag you were seeing a fair amount of duplication and a bit of subjectivity; 140 Twitter characters to get a point over to those involved via Twitter was limiting.... but that's why it's not just about Twitter isn't it. Relevant methods of comms. for relevant situations.

That all said, it did come across as a lively discussion and hopefully CILIP are thinking about it all seriously.

As an aside, my favourite bit of light relief during the session was http://tinyurl.com/ciliptramp . Not sure CILIP can spare 99 cents if they're going to be investing in new methods of communication!

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