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May 27, 2009


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Juan Sosa

Hello Phil, I'm Juan Sosa from Browsys. Thanks for your insightful review on Browsys Virtual Folders; We're working to raise that 4/10 on execution ;) As a start, We have addressed your concern about the default sites when you want an empty tab; now, an empty tab keeps empty.

About the impossibility to save a folder, please see the bright side of it: you don't need to sign up or register for the service, no usernames and passwords; instead, we provide a unique perpetual URL for your folder, which you can add to your favorites list, share on twitter, facebook, email it or even drag it to your browser's bookmarks bar. We don't see it as a shortcoming: it's just our approach to provide the best of two worlds: the ability to save your folder for sharing or future reference with a unique URL without the hassle of a signup/sign-in/sign-out.

We are working on the social aspect of Virtual Folders, to provide means for people to add their folders to a public directory and even rate other's folders with a ranking system, all of this aiming to make it easy and fun to discover quality content over the web.

Thanks again and please keep you opinions coming.
Juan Sosa

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