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June 01, 2009


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Stefan Weitz

Stefan from Bing here - the engineering head in Germany is looking into it... More to come.

Phil Bradley

Thank you Stefan, it's appreciated.


Hey there - Did some digging on this. We occasionally receive notice that content accessible through our search service presents legal or public policy concerns such as potential harms to privacy, intellectual property rights, or the potential exploitation of children. In such cases, we may remove certain links from our search index or not return results for certain search terms in order to improve the customer experience for search results we deliver. When we do so, we indicate to users that content was removed, attempt to limit both the amount of content removed to only that which is necessary, and limit the geographic scope of removal only to the markets where we believe such removal is appropriate, for example, given local public policy considerations. The consequence, in some cases, may be that different results appear in different versions that are tailored to local markets.

It is important to note, however, that users are not limited to one version of Bing and can choose to run queries on versions tailored to other markets.

We are looking into this particular result in the UK.

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