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June 05, 2009


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The big question now is whether Microsoft will take a big chunk out of Yahoo's paid search revenue, as mentioned here: Does Microsoft Big Change Paid Search.


I tried the wallpaper-function on Alicia Silverstone. It brought not one wallpaper of the actress, but Cameron Diaz or Alicia Keys. I tried the "large" size and got wallpapers.

That's my favorite result:

It links to a site for "Immigration Humor" which has nothing in common with Ms. Silverstone and doesn't even show the picture it linked to.

German Rocket

It's good to see they've designed Bing with some flexibility. I'm actually a fan of Bing and wouldn't mind seeing it doing better against the monopoly that is Google

Robert Greco

I agree in that Bing.com may not be exatly a 'winner' however I will give Bing.com a fighting chance. Just don't expect me to stray too far from Google ;)

-Rob Greco www.shockwaveprofits.com

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