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September 14, 2009


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Sarah Barker

I think the easiest option would be to create a second list as you say, even more librarians to follow or another 100 librarians, or 100 librarians to follow page 2!


No point trying to filter or find someone to moderate, it's too much work, I'd say go for the second page option like Sarah says.

Sue House

Ditto, page 2, least effort most reward.

Jo Alcock

I agree. Although it would be nice in theory to have separate lists for different types of librarians or order them alphabetically, in practice it's far too much work. I say just do another list and add any new people to that one.

David Harrison

It's something about Librarians isn't it - the creation of lists; must be a connection to cataloguing in there somewhere and the creation of the first Mailbase (later to become JISCmail) lists - which the eLib community led. Personally, I'm against groups and lists in twitter as I think that without thinking, they create walls around a twitterverse that is vibrant because of the very serendipitous nature of your engagement with others.

Frankly if I followed just Librarians, nice as you all are, I'd begin to think I'd got into a bit of a rut :-)

Jeanette Castle

I agree with the creation of a second list - life is too short to sort it into sectors - we want to work between sectors anyway.


I'm personally a big fan of SexySadi789 the hot librarian' and wont hear a bad word said about her.

Emma Gartside

I also second the "second list" idea ... Can't see how the other options (although some do certainly appeal, eg by area of interest) would work without a lot of effort. That said, I'd be willing to volunteer to manage a list of librarians working outside of libraries, eg in self-employment.

Tom Roper

Well done Phil, yes another list would be just the thing, no need for anything more elaborate. Made me realise that I don't have UK in my profile. I have Sussex, at the micro level; perhaps I should add citizen of the world.


Two lists seems sensible to me. I think any definitive 100 will always leave people out (even if split by sector), especially as / if Twitter users grow.

What would be 'best' in my opinion is if the list just presented you with a dynamically generated random selection of 100 Twitterers, which'd fit better with David's serendipitous discoveries. To be used in combination with the following of no-librarians, of course. More feedback for TweepML than you, though, Phil.

Hazel Edmunds

OK. Two points here.
One - it's your list and you do what you want with it. The only option that appeals to you is to have a "follow-on" list so go with it. Trust the rest of us to weed out the inappropriate. (Why Sadie and not Sexy Pete?)
Two - a number of us non-librarians who do sort-of-like information work need to gets our bios sorted.

Tim Wales

NB Some of the librarians in the original list are not active Tweeters and could be removed.

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