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September 15, 2009


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Sundar Kadayam

Hi Phil,

Thank you for this post on Zakta.

You make a very valid point about the freshness of Guides created by people on Zakta. When I look on the Web for Web Guides created on various topics, what I see is that passionate people have put in valiant efforts to help bring together the best information in those topic areas, but these guides are often years old, with lots of broken links in them. In designing Zakta, we realized that one of the core problems with user-created Guides is the issue around freshness as well as valid and working content. No single trick will solve this matter holistically, and so, we've conceived of a broad set of tools and methods that will address these issues with Zakta Guides. We plan to roll these out in incremental updates in the coming weeks. So, please stay tuned.

As you note, social systems do flourish well only when there's a fair number of people. We've just gotten to a public beta of Zakta, and I hope people will give us a fair chance to prove our value to their information searching experience.

I'd encourage people to follow our progress via our main Web site (http://zakta.com/), our blog (http://blog.zakta.com/), Facebook (http://facebook.com/Zakta) or Twitter (http://twitter.com/Zakta) and would appreciate feedback like this to help us improve.

Thanks again!
Sundar Kadayam
Founder & CEO, Zakta

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