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October 25, 2009


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Nick Sharratt

Ah, I read that as 'she's skilled at managing a rarefied social network - she only has X friends, that's how good she is - suggest friends to try to trip her up so you can feel better about being snowed under by too many "friends" yourself' :)

(seriously, I agree it's the wrong message, but it probably reflects the views of the majority on their service)


It gets worse: one of the recent adjustments to the 'Suggestion' engine now means that you get suggestions to 'reconnect' or 'catch up' with those of your Facebook friends with whom you've not had contact for some time.

Unfortunately, and as happened to me yesterday, it was suggested that I reconnect with a friend who has been dead for a couple of years, but who still has a Facebook account (obviously).

Whole volumes have been and will be written on the nature of social networking after death, but sometimes it's just the simple things the likes of Facebook need to think through before implementing.


Certainly strongly agree! Anyway, I've deactivated my FB account this morning. Fed up with it - a terrible timewaster & can sometimes make you feel like a prisoner (in that you have to respond to people's posts or you'll look like an uncaring bitch). . . more trouble than it's worth - time to get back to the real world & what's important in life!

Lisa Burscheidt

Ouch. I just saw that on my on facebook page and thought, WTF?


It really is like at school - where a particular child is bored so the playground supervisors suggest they play with that lonely friendless child who is always on their own, for a change.


Quite right too, I only have a few facebook friends, but they are actually all people I know and like. Cyber bullying is bad enough without the actual social networks themselves putting users down!

Tom Roper

Hear, hear. And some of my friends are represented as having only gone so many percent on the way to full Facebook membership. I gather from this that I am supposed to cajole them into posting more information about themselves. They may well be perfectly happy with the amount they have disclosed in their profile.

Elly O'Brien

That is awful for all the reasons stated above. I also consider this dubious in terms of data protection or at the least the basic ethics of confidentiality. I doubt she has asked Facebook to do this or does anyone know otherwise? If she hasn't consented for her profile to be advertised thus then it is wrong and inappropriate to do so? I would also be interested to know what the threshold for needing more friends is?!


right on.


And stop 'suggesting' that I write on somebody's wall because 'it's been a while' since I last wrote on their wall. There's a reason for this Facebook so just butt out!

walt crawford

Nicely stated. And the "reconnect" nonsense is almost, but not quite, as bad. Maybe there is a scale at which any social medium starts failing?

Anna Martin



I also hate this new "suggestions" feature, which keeps telling me to write on random friends' walls and so on. I'm a very stubborn person (year of the ox) and hate being told what to do, especially by a social network...

Paul Schlegel

I guess the folk at FaceBook never read Walden...
"two chairs for friendship and three for society"

Anna Martin

Today I see on Facebook my friend's photo then "Help make Facebook better for her- write on her Wall." This must be a tweak of the same I fear and not much of an improvement either if you ask me. Not to mention I signed up to Facebook My Aquarium and started getting one billion emails from 'Speeddate (used to be 'My Aquarium.'') Anyone would be slightly surprised if they thought they were signing up for an Aquarium and instead they got a speeddate (sounds a bit fishy doesn't it?)


My friend AW has "only" SIX friends on FB and I will NOT suggest any more to her. Just go away Facebook and leave us with our nice network.


I don't know how you can take such offense to this? Some people find it difficult to make new friends and by suggesting new friends who you think would like each other is in my opinion a very sweet gesture. People come into our lives and can touch us so deep and so beautiful that we are never the same!
My heart is very open to friendship and I welcome anyone who comes into my life no matter how they find me.
Anyway people don't need to accept the invitation if it doesn't interest them.
I'm sure Facebook doesn't think anyone is less than anyone else either.
When I saw the feature, to me your perception of it wouldn't even come to mind. Its all about interpretation buddy!!!!

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