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October 24, 2009


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Anne Holmes

Hi Phil I had the same experience with the Brown system: except I was told by the stereotypical woman librarian that I had to come back the next day when they were filed and findable! I must have been very young early primary school but somehow was never put off. The same woman was there one day when I went in and asked where all the Enid Blytons were: banned! I also wanted to be an archaeologist too. But it was always sort of archaeology or libraries for me. Now I always tell people I have the dream job: helping people and groups reach their potential. thanks for the post: it is all about passion for me.


This is a brilliant contribution to the Project, particularly because it highlights the endless possibilities which can open up once you get into this profession (but which you could never imagine until you get there...). Cheers!

p.s I also like: 'If you can find things that other people want, that's a fairly powerful position to be in' - over time, our role might change to 'If you can provide expertise enough to find good quality diamonds, among the almost boundless rough of easily available information, that's a fairly powerful position to be in'...

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