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January 31, 2010


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Folkert Ringnalda

Dear Phil,
Thanks for your time to investigate our discovery portal. Let me comment on some of your remarks;
*Group sets; we do not group sets of photographs together. If this is the case, it's done by the owner/creator of the collection. The SERP shows 5 results per page and 4 previews of a specific collection. In some cases it's possible that a specific result is displayed twice on the SERP. We're still working on it to avoid such results.
* Scrolling and Looking; we did a pilot with 'infinite scroll'. But this caused some technical problems. But we're still looking into it.
* Flickr; our index contains about 317.000 collections of Flickr (enter 'site:flickr.com'). Of course, Flickr has a huge index. But we don't want to be an 'Flickr aggregator'......there is more!!
* Usage; I'm sorry to hear that you're not becoming a big user and I hope you'll take time to visit us again and hopefully you'll see we've made progress.
* Focus; Kalooga is an European focussed media company and our main objective is to distribute visual search content to online (premium) publishers. We're also focussing on specific content; sports, travel, entertainment (celebrities, movies) and automotive. More categories, more countries are foreseen, but we can't have it al at once. We're learning and building. Thanks for this opportunity!

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