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January 19, 2010


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Mark Moran, CEO, Dulcinea Media

Phil, thank you for your review and constructive feedback, which we love to hear. To answer many of your suggestions, SweetSearch is a Google custom search engine, so it is subject to the limitations of one - no image search, etc. We are exploring options to add images from other sources, while also considering options other than Google to power it all. And while we are adding to the pool of sites searched every day, in my experience SweetSearch works quite well for academic searches. Yes, students should be taught to search and evaluate content, but the day on which most students can use general search engines effectively is a long way off. Here are but two examples where SweetSearch's results are far superior to those of Google or Bing. It's not just that we exclude obvious spam sites that most students could spot; we also usually exclude marginal sites that read well and authoritatively, but lack academic or journalistic rigor, and thus are not citable. As importantly, many sources such as university or other .edu web sites, which make little effort on the SEO front and thus often don't appear till the 4th page of Google results, often appear on the 1st page of SweetSearch. And to most students, the 1st page is the only one that exists.

"Shakespeare" http://bit.ly/7Reg7p vs. http://bit.ly/6lUphg vs. http://bit.ly/6ycRcZ

"War of 1812" http://bit.ly/87HMYn vs. http://bit.ly/57hoOO vs. http://bit.ly/5L7xiz


Thinking about this- on the back of pondering Cornell's collaboration with Google on a law engine- it struck me that Dulcinea was Don Quixote's princess. So are they tilting at windmills too? ;)

Mark Moran, CEO, Dulcinea Media

Phil, I am CEO of Dulcinea Media. I sent a comment about this post the other day, and just wanted to be sure you had received it, as it has not posted.

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