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January 22, 2010


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Patrick DiDomenico

Nice post. I knew about the gmail variation aspect, but never thought to use them in the ways you mentioned. Very good thinking!

Peter Scott

Phil....I have peter.scott@gmail.com so I also get peterscott@gmail.com. Problem is, I also receive mail for TWO other Peter Scotts who use peterscott@gmail.com. One of them buys lots of online music and I have his username and passwords available, and the other one - well, I won't go into it....

There may be more Peter Scotts out there whose mail I'm reading. I'll need to look into this further. It's quite disturbing.


Yes, I found it too. It's a little weird. I registered two accounts jason.s@gmail.com and jasons@gmail.com, and every time I sign in to jasons@gmail.com then GMail automatically redirect me to jason.s@gmail.com.

If the two mail addresses belone to different person, it's a very dangerous problem!

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