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February 01, 2010


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Matthew Mezey

Hi Phil,

It's great to see your thoughts on the librarian – and the library – of the future :-)

Is this the rebirth the Subject Librarian – but in a proactive and hyper-engaged form?

They could start by setting me up with all the Netvibes and Tweetdeck widgets I need... ;-)

And maybe all the right people to follow on Twitter...?!

On a related note, I've been talking about how 'anonymity' is the bane of librarians, in the comments on Ned's thewikiman blog - where he's pondering how LIS pros can break out beyond the librarians' echo-chamber (ghetto?): http://thewikiman.org/blog/?p=433

One idea from a couple of years back that I mention there – and still think there might be some mileage in – is a PR and communications wiki for LIS pros.

It would be a place to gather all the tips and tricks to become an engaged and proactive 'Librarian 2.0'. (Perhaps things like up to date media contacts list, strategy steps, Social Media Press Release templates, how-tos, useful tools for SEO etc).


Matthew Mezey
(News Editor, Library and Information Update magazine)

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