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March 30, 2010


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I think the problem is we haven’t seen any compelling reason for us to be using Buzz yet. The main selling point of this service over Twitter or any other competitor is the simplicity of use. After all what could be easier then an email embedded social network? The problem as I see it though is that ease of use isn’t in itself compelling. If Buzz were to expand its offering to give us a reason for wanting to use it then we might begin to appreciate the simplicity the system brings. As of right now though they’ve only succeeded in attaching the Google name to an already established norm.

Jan D Horn

I occassionally encounter minor hitches and glitches with Facebook, but in comparison, Google Buzz turned out to be not worth a tinker's curse. Unlike Picasa Web Albums which worked badly, Buzz did not work at all, and after all these years, Gmail Notifier hasn't worked for almost a month now. Has Google been sabotaged by avenging Chinese hackers?

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