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April 01, 2010


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Mitch Squires

What did I miss? You seemed to have more points stacked in favour of Google and not a lot in Bing's column. Why then make the switch?

Phil Bradley

Thanks for your question Mitch - it's an interesting point; I certainly felt that I'd written much more favourably about Bing. The key element for me is the serps - much cleaner, clearer and easier to read. I also really like the flyout option too.

Kelly Ahlfeld

I don't believe that Google is evil; they really do try to live up to their slogan "don't be evil." I know people who work for them and they are such a different company than Microsoft. Their search engine's success happened much more organically than the calculated marketing and placement strategies of Microsoft's products. You may have perceived that the "evil" comment was a throwaway one, but in an age where we search for integrity in companies, I believe Google wins hands down. Interesting too, that you consider Bing cleaner and easier to read, because when I compare the initial interface, Bing is all about extra headlines and annoying clickables, while Google has stayed true to its founding idea that the search engine home page would be a space free of ads and other distractions.


I think it's testament to the fact that Bing has steadily improved that people like yourself are considering starting to use Bing as their primary search engine. Personally, I think Google still has a notable edge over all the competition, but the gap has narrowed. I still love Google's serps myself, and I'd be hard-pressed to name a single thing I like less about Google...the only change I've seen is that Bing has become better. It actually sounds like you'll still mainly be using Google yourself since most of your searches are through the Google toolbar. How good will Bing have to become before you accept its wonky toolbar?

Phil Bradley

Bryan - it's a seriously important point, the toolbar. Until it is as good and as flexible as the Google offering, I won't be swopping over. I use Bing in the Firefox search box (top right), so all my click and drag searches are now done using Bing.

Stefan Weitz

Hi Phil - thanks for the post. I know you had some hard feedback for us at launch and I'm glad to see we've been able to deliver some stuff to you that has made the experience better for you. Keep watching the maps space - we have some surprises there :) And keep the feedback coming - we do listen and are always developing/testing, and its good to get the buzz directly from the community.

Stefan Weitz
Director, Bing

Phil Bradley

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for dropping by. While I'm hard, I also like to think that I'm fair, and if someone does something that I think is good, or I change my mind on something, I'm honest enough to blog that as well. Looking forward to the developments!

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