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April 06, 2010


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Dammit Phil -

Pick a better time to review sites! Heh, no in all seriousness and I know you don't ever look back on projects, but I'm moving servers of LocPDF so broken images are because your ISP is trying to connect to the old DNS server. Give it 10 minutes and try again .


Phil Bradley

Hi Daniel - yeah, it's always the way isn't it - you're busy doing an upgrade and some so-and-so comes along at just the wrong time. Actually though, you're wrong - I do go back and look at sites again, or when I'm informed that they've been updated, and I'm *always* happy to flick a poor review to a good one. Tell you what - when you're happy with it, drop me an email or another comment and I'll happily come back again and try it from scratch - how does that sound?


Thanks great Phill - thank you. (You've actually reviewed about 7 of my sites in the past so your view means a lot to me) I know it's far from the best way to update a site (no notices etc) but to be honest notices etc take time and I'm obviously only doing this as hobby style thing - I'll let you know when I'm sorted out, and thanks again.

Grant Parish

Phil - I did a search which turned up some great results, papers in my industry. But every one I clicked to download gave a 404 page not found error. After tying about 6 files, I gave up.

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