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May 21, 2010


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Apart from the cost, it actually reminds me a bit of what happens when you ask a librarian to do a search for you - they make you register; and then you have to wait for it; but the quality of the results is much better than raw google or bing. It's the delayed-gratification for quality paradigm ... but I suspect a good librarian is still going to be the winner!

Phil D

Gillian (above) has hit the nail on the head. "Quality" of information is the goal of BeyondAdze. Your comment (Phil) about waiting an hour or more, depending on the option you select is an important one. Supposing you had the choice of conducting a search yourself for an hour, hitting "next page" again and again to find what you wanted, or having a robot do this for you while you get on with more productive work, my guess is you'd probably let the robot get on with it.

Whether BeyondAdze delivers sufficiently well targeted results to give you that freedom is another matter, but why not set it running the next time you decide to spend 15 minutes looking for something and when it's finished, compare the links it's suggested with what you came up with on your own? My guess is that it will have found a few interesting sites that you didn't.

Phil.D, BeyondAdze

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